So you’ve made your decision, you want to dye your hair. Perfect! You probably thought about your dreamed colour – Charlize Theron’s blond, or Gal Gadot’s brunette, Ciara’s ombre, Tiffany Haddish’s chocolate brown, or maybe Emma Stone’s red? Yup, we all have been there. But to be honest, choosing you future hair colour based on the fact that you favourite actress or singer wore it, is not a good idea. An ideal hair colour should match your skin and eyes. Now is the time to ask a truly vital question, “What hair colour suits me?”. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Would blonde hair suit me?

Blonde hair

If you have blue or grey eyes, then yes, it would suit you, especially if you choose golden tones or slightly ashy or silver shades. Another thing is your complexion. Blonde is also a good hair colour for pale skin. If your skin is sallow then start with some highlights or balayage to see which tone suits you best, since it may turn out that your whole image becomes a little lifeless, and thus you should avoid also cool shades. Go for honey-like or golden tones as well as strawberry blonde, if you have fair or medium complexion.

Colours, like sun kissed or caramel blonde, complement perfectly olive skin or darker complexion – the darker your skin, the darker the tone of caramel (or toffee? Whichever delicious name you prefer) blonde will be best. Last, but not least, the important factor in choosing blonde dye – consider your natural hair colour. If you’re blonde already, then experiment with other shades as much as you want, but keep in mind, that darker hair demands more time and more… bleach to make your new colour nice and durable. And the more bleach, the more damage there is to your hair structure.

Would brunette hair suit me?

Brunette hair

Green, brown and hazel eyes look amazing (and simply natural) with a crown of brunette hair. When it comes to complexion, darker shades suit fair skin only if you’re careful with a tone – not too dark, but at the same time rather lively, for example with a hint of red. It will your warm up and boost your snowy look. Medium skin on the contrary, should opt for chocolate like or caramel brownish (lucky ones!) dye, but resign from too light colours. Olive and darker skin, however, can go big with rich brunette, almost dark chocolate tones, but shouldn’t experiment excessively with shades lighter than their own natural – depending on the complexion, of course and natural hair colour. But if you really want to try out the lighter version of your hair colour, do it gradually, to see if it fits you. Brunettes definitely have fewer worries about their hair – chestnut or tawny, and darker hair colour is quite easy to get and to remove, it does not require much bleaching and thus, doesn’t do much harm to your hair condition.

Would black hair suit me?

Black hair

Well, that’s reserved only for a few. Although you may have thought that black hair is only for Goths or fictional characters, the truth is quite contrary, but you have choose a proper undertone to match your complexion. Remember black haired phase of Rihanna or Katy Perry? Now is your turn. If your eyes are green or brown, you can easily pull black hair off.

When it comes to your skin, we’ve got bad information for fair-skinned ones of you – if your skin is really pale (or even worse, yellowish), the black hair may intensify the contrast between your light complexion and dark hair, and make your skin look unhealthy, grave-like. It is definitely reserved for more like Snow White style pale skin with a little healthy blush on cheeks. The same is for medium fair skin – for most of you, black will probably look a bit ghostly, it might also underline dark circles under your eyes. The lucky ones of you, who have fair complexion with healthy glow, should give red undertones a go. Otherwise, opt for brunette shades.

Raven black hair is a treat for olive and darker skin, because the lucky owners of these skin types can even try a little blue hint. Black dye look chic, alluring and healthy hair have this unique shiny finish we all love, but there is one downside, namely black dye can be hard to get rid of, therefore you ought to think twice before changing your natural light hair colour into that contrasting shade, since it may not come off that easily.

Would red hair suit me?

Red hair - redhead

If you thought about green eyes immediately – you’re right. Green and red hair complements each other in the perfect harmony. It seemingly usually comes with fair skin with freckles on one’s nose, but surprisingly ginger hair can suit almost every skin tone. We’ve already talked about fair skin with green eyes looking great with red hair, but hazel and brown eyes will also be a perfect match. Fair skin will look better in lighter shades like strawberry blond, which is also suitable for less pale skin. Olive skin can try darker shades of red, and dark skin will look good with deeper red. What is true for both darker skin types is to avoid too light tones – strawberry or copper blond is undeniably not for you.

You know, which hair colour is best for green, blue or brown eyes, and you know how to match it with your complexion, now go have fun with experimenting with your hair!

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