Removing gel nails

What are gel nails? Only one of the best ways to have chip-proof, fading resistant and long lasting manicure! We all love them, especially since gel nails and hybrids have become so accessible. But after couple of weeks you need to remove them, so you usually revisit your favourite nail salon. And you know what? There is an easier and definitely cheaper way – do it yourself. How? Read on to learn how to take off gel nails at home!

How to start removing gel nail polish?

First of all, decide whether you need to shorten your nails – if you do, it is the right time to do it. And don’t forget about filing them too, since it is important to buff the shine off from the outer layer of gel polish. Remember also about protecting your skin around the nails – this area can be easily dehydrated or irritated by various manicure routines, so apply some Vaseline (or other type of petroleum cream) prior to the next step which is soaking your nails in acetone.

Treating your nails with acetone

To get gel nails off, you don’t need much actually: some pads, acetone and tin foil. Use acetone to soak a preferred type of a pad – cotton balls or gauze. Prepare one piece of foil (not too big – a square just big enough to wrap your whole nail and around a finger to keep it tight) for each nail and do so similarly with pads. Pour acetone on each of the cotton balls or pieces of gauze. You can also soak them in a bowl filled with acetone. Then put a pad on each nail of one hand individually (start with non-dominant hand) and make sure that the whole nail plate is coated with acetone. Finally, cover tightly each pad-coated nail with tin foil. This will help sustain the right temperature and keep the pads wet.

If you feel confident enough, you can proceed to another hand or you can do it only after the entire process is finished with the first hand – it might be a bit tricky to repeat the whole procedure with nails wrapped in foil. Soak the nails with acetone for suggested time (such information should be on a label of a given product), but not longer than for 30 minutes.

Gel nail removal

Wonder how this method can remove gel nail varnish? Under the influence of acetone, warmed a little underneath the foil, the layers of your manicure loosen and it should be possible to slide off the layers of polish while taking off the pads. Then remove any manicure leftovers with a wooden stick or a cuticle pusher. You can also wrap again your fingers with acetone for couple of minutes if the manicure doesn’t feel soft enough to remove it. Afterwards, use a nourishing hand cream or your favourite nail strenghtener to regain lost moisture and hardness of your nails. Once you learn how to remove gel shellac at home, it’ll become fast and easy!