Inspired by a global trend and growing need for effective skincare.

ANTI-POLLUTION and ANTI-SMOG;formulas for daily protection to repair skin damages caused by internal and external factors.

  • Damages caused by UVA / UVB
  • Adherence of smog particles
  • Harmful effects of contaminations, smoke and heavy metals
  • Oxidative stress- it works as a free radicals trap
  • Factors that damage protective barrier of the skin




Eternally young and beautiful skin is a dream of many people.
However, this effect is difficult to obtain because the air that we breathe contains the substance that causes it to ageing.


Often, we do not realize how dangerous the polluted air is to our skin.
It contributes to the phenomenon of the so-called oxidative stress.


What is Oxidative Stress?


The free radical Theory of Aging says aging is accelerating due to cellular damage caused by the attack of free radicals.
The bigger it is, the worse the skin deals with it, its condition and appearance deteriorate.
The factors that cause oxidative stress include air pollution.
As a result, collagen fibers die, the skin can not defend itself against negative factors from the outside.


To protect our skin, we should choose cosmetics to provide the skin with antioxidants that are effective in the fight against free radicals
and protect against contact with pollutants that exceed all standards.


Ordinary cosmetics will not be up to the task.
You must reach for specialist products tailored to the current needs of your skin.


The Oxygen Detox Mincer Pharma line is a real anti-smog bio-target. The ANTI-POLLUTION and ANTI-SMOG formulas are designed for everyday protection
skin and repair its damage.
Prevent the adhesion of smog particles to the face and stimulate the renewal of skin care and effectively oxygenate it.


For cleaned skin, it is best to apply a serum with antioxidants, eg vitamin C, E,
Then use a cold cream that will rebuild and strengthen the skin's protective barrier.
During the evening care, let's take care of proper skin hydration and again provide a large portion of antioxidants.
In creams, it is worth looking for hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, E, resveratrol, green tea or ginko biloba.

In the Line you can find:

Proactive shield day cream SPF20 - Skin deeply moisturized,soothed and protected; restored freshness and natural, bright look.

Repairing Night cream mask - Regenerated, soothed and deeply moisturized skin, restored freshness and a natural, bright look.

SOS face serum - Deeply regenerated and soothed skin, protected against negative factors, comfort and natural, bright look is restored.

Carbon face washing gel - Deeply cleanses the skin, removes impurities.