Do you apply your cream and foundation in the morning, and later that day start to wonder what to do to make your makeup look perfect and last longer? Well then, you’re not alone. There is, fortunately, an easy way of doing this – simply add a base to your makeup. A proper primer creates a smooth thin layer on your skin making your skin more even which as a result allows your foundation to spread on your face easily, and last for hours. It can also aid several other issues. Never used it? Don’t worry, here’s our short guide on how to find the right one among makeup primers!


Primer for a skin type

While looking for a perfect primer, you have to remember that you should primarily match it to your skin type. Oily and combination skin will require definitely different primer than a dry one. Some primers specialise in moisturising, others make your skin more even in terms of its tone, and others focus on protecting it from irritation or prevent from overproduction of sebum. Hence, you’d better think twice before purchasing an ill-fitting primer, since it may worsen your skin condition. You really ought to focus on your skin demands. So, what’s your goal?

To fight wrinkles and saggy skin

Mature skin demands special treatment. The skin start to lose its elasticity, becomes baggy and dry, and you start to see more and more wrinkles. It’s time to use an anti-ageing foundation primer which will help you regain the vitality of your complexion, reduce fine lines and other symptoms, as well as hydrate your skin.

To make peace with combination skin

Combination skin can pose some troubles when it comes to finding proper cosmetics to suit it. The best primer for combination skin, thus, should compromise between a primer for on oily skin and for a dry one, hence it… doesn’t exist. If your skin is dry on cheeks, but oily on your forehead, nose and chin, it’s best that you simply use two primers. Apply a light, mattifying, limiting sebum secretion primer to your T-zone, and then some moisturising primer on your cheeks.

To help my skin suffering from acne, blemishes and pores

A properly matched primer can benefit problematic skin. For a complexion prone to blemishes and acne search for a primer with anti-acne and anti-spots ingredients such as salicylic acid as well as some with hydrating properties, since you often tend to neglect moisturising your problem skin. Keep in mind, that the best primer for pores should be also quite light to prevent them from clogging. And when it comes to dirty, enlarged pores opt for the silicone based as one of the components, since it will diminish enlarged pores and perfect the complexion. Pores can become clogged and open especially in women with oily skin, which often leads to imperfections. Oily skin can make your foundation feel like it starts to dissolve and gives your skin unhealthy glimmer. So what is the ideal primer for an oily skin? Choose oil-free primer with mattifying properties that will control the work of sebaceous glands and reduce the secretion. As a result, your makeup will be long-lastingly perfect!

To protect my skin and nourish it

Using makeup cosmetics can result in irritating sensitive skin or dehydrating already dry skin. To prevent it, , best option for dry skin is to use a moisturising and nourishing primer for example with glycerine or hyaluronic acid, which helps to keep your skin hydrated and protected. For sensitive skin, however, it is also important to choose a primer without oils or silicone, and preferably unscented (fragrance oils may be harmful and too harsh on sensitive skin). Opt for primer with gentle and soothing components like for instance aloe vera, coconut water or chamomile and with sun protection factor (SPF 30 preferably).

To fix colour of my complexion

Post-acne blemishes, scars and dark spots as well as redness often need correction. To improve the tone of yellowish, pale complexion pick mauve-coloured primer. To even the colour and cover inflamed imperfections or redness, use a green-tinted primer which will support the actions of an anti-redness foundation. To give your skin a little boost, healthy glow and more vivacious tone the best will be an illuminating primer with peach-like tones, which will also help if your skin looks lifeless and greyish. If additionally your primer has pearly luminescent texture, it will enhance your complexion with energetic look.

Special-forces primers

Now you know that it is crucial to pick a primer that suits the needs of your skin type, but there are also other primers to use. Applying a primer under your favourite eye shadows or lipstick will make your makeup more vibrant and intense, it will also stay longer without blurring or fading away.